Wednesday 8 January 2020

Drop The Bass

This is just a quick post to update you on a small addition I have added to my Silvia. 

So, as the title says, I decided it was time to "Drop the bass" on my S15 and finally sort out the oh-so-jdm 90's stereo that came with the car.

I knew that I was looking for a double din head unit as I wanted a Car Play compatible, touch screen stereo.

I settled on this Sony XAV-AX100 6.4” unit and I am very happy with it.

It fits nicely into the interior of the cabin and my old girl now has 
Google Maps, Spotify and crystal clear hands-free telephone calls.


It only needed one special wiring harness that I obtained through Halfords and it was good to go.

I have some engine mods coming up, so I look forward to updating you Okishima heads then πŸ‡―πŸ‡΅

Wednesday 25 September 2019

Joe's Silvia S15 Update September 2019

Hey Okishima fans!

It's Joe from Drifted here, and I wanted to share with you the latest updates to my street S15.

So, since I last updated back in January, there have been quite a few changes, mostly under the hood.

New to S15's? Then this S15 guide was written just for you.

The mostly stock engine has been upgraded with a selection of bolt-ons, including a 3" turbo elbow to complete the full 3" turbo-back exhaust system, uprated Walbro fuel pump, GReddy electronic boost controller and a Nistune ECU.

I then took the car to well regarded SR20DET tuner Martin Battye. The boost has been increased from the stock 0.65 bar to 0.9 bar and it has made a substantial difference in shove and noise. The big surprise was the MPG has significantly increased as a side effect.. nice!

The first serious outing for the car this summer was the July D-Warning Wales driving tour. This tour is run by a group of old friends and is one of my annual driving highlights.

The S15 was joined by a selection of tasty metal on the challenging Welsh mountain roads.

Highlights included a Honda S2000, Honda Civic Type R (FN2), Porsche Boxster among many others.

The S2000, Civic and S15 were closely matched on the tight and twisty roads. The S15 seemed to pickup quicker with its turbo grunt, however, once the Honda's VTEC systems were on song there really wasn't much in it. I didn't get to drive it but talking with the owner the FN2's predictable FWD handling allowed him to push harder in the corners where I was not quite as committed with my Silvia. There was very little in it between the S2000 and S15.

The views were really special.

After the tour was concluded, engines cooled and beers poured, I was honoured to have the S15 voted "Car Of The Tour" by the attendees. Thanks, guys!

Can't wait till next year...

So, what's next for the car?

Right now it is under surgery for a custom front mounted intercooler upgrade, and then it is back for mapping to > 1bar. I am hoping to break the 300bhp barrier but the temptation to swap out the turbo for something tasty is real...

Thursday 31 January 2019

Nissan Silvia S15 Spec R Update - January 2019

Hi folks,

I'd like to start this brief S15 update by wishing you a happy new year! Let's hope 2019 is the year we all want it to be.

So onto the car.

Over the winter I have changed up a few items on the car, starting with matching door cards and interior trim:

With the interior sorted it was time to add a little bling to the near stock engine bay, so an aluminium intake pipe was sourced:

This tidies up the intake side of the engine bay plus enhances the sound of the intake noise.

Next, I moved onto suspension, the car came over from Japan with a set of used Bilstein shocks and springs. These always felt a little crashy however I had no idea how bad they were. It turns out, pretty bad:

So they were promptly replaced with a brand new set of adjustable MeisterR coilovers.

I am very happy with the composure and handling of these coilovers, the adjustable top mounts are also very helpful.

Now the car was looking good on the inside and sitting right on the outside it was time to add some stance, enter Volk Racing.

A used set of TE37s in good condition were sourced, these are 17" / 9j / et12 all round and are wrapped in Yokohama AD06r semi-slick tyres.

I initially had some rubbing issues after fitting the wheels on my all stock arches, so a call to Arch Enemy was placed and I had the good man out that same week.

Both front and rear arches were rolled with no paint cracking and now even when pressing on there is no rubbing. Great job Arch Enemy!

Next up on my list is a Nistune, fuel pump, boost controller and a tune. That should bring me to my target of 300 bhp at the flywheel.

Stay tuned for more updates. Want to see what else i'm up to? Check out the latest driving games and car games on and maybe i'll see you there racing my digital S15!

Wednesday 28 March 2018

Enter the S15..

Hi Okishima fans.

I wanted to drop a little update about a new car in my stable; my 1999 Nissan Silvia S15.

This car is my daily driver and over the coming years, I will slowly transform it into my ideal daily.

The spec is pretty basic, 50k miles, full Aero kit, fogs, 3" exhaust system, HKS intake, Bilstein suspension, WORK XT7 wheels (18" 8.5 ET+32 square), clear rear lights, Bride seats and shift boot.

Stay tuned for updates and you can check out my latest car driving games project here.

Wednesday 22 June 2011

It's a bit quiet around here?

Unfortunately due to other commitments, Okishima has fallen quiet for a while. Due to building, both Okishima and my personal blog have suffered. Don't worry, we will be back with a fresh design, fresh cars, and fresh meets. Until that point, the Drifted community is proper active, so if you wana drop into the Facebook group and say wassup, please do! Facebook Page

Saturday 18 December 2010

Crail Big Track

Anyone still here? Aaaanyway, nice little vid from Dave Murray from Crail back in August. Mine's looking pretty ugly, but that's in the process of being fixed right now...

SXOC August Drift Day - Crail, Big Track, 28-08-10 from Dave Murray on Vimeo.

Sunday 24 October 2010

Omega race car

Now I like Omegas, they're comfy and pretty handy for towing S13's with.... I never thought I'd find myself wanting one as a race car however:

Love it, you crazy Dutch bastards.

Saturday 16 October 2010

Photo Dump: Inspiration

Photodump from my Inspiration folder. Just cars (or parts of cars) that have caught my eye for one reason or another.