Saturday 30 January 2010

536whp pull, only up to 6000rpm

Just a quick video for anyone interested, i took the R32 over to Thor Racing in Cambridge yesterday to get it on the dyno. Being a pretty new import and knowing naff all about the car, always wise to get it checked out.

Good and bad news awaited, bad news is my second Bosch 044 pump is seized, and past 5500rpm the car is MASSIVELY fuel starved, so we couldn't dyno the car to 7800rpm as intended, just 6000rpm (dangerous lean even at that).

Good news is it still managed 536whp, not sure what that works out with 4wd transmission losses but it's all about wheel horsepower anyways! Hopefully with a new pump, new ecu (it's still on the stock ECU!) and 7800rpm it should be good for 650+whp... fingers crossed.

Wednesday 27 January 2010

FC + 180

Here is a couple of shots Morf took from last night. Oh hi - i'm Joe by the way, I own the 180 :)

Tuesday 26 January 2010

I've always felt Nissan couldn't really be arsed (unintentional pun) when designing the S14/a's rear end. My car looks rather unremarkable next to Morf's S13. This is outside Ali's place, UNIT18, just before we took my exhaust off. I collected my RS*R invidia today. It looks like 2.75" piping, but it should be fine for my spec, and I'm hyped to get it on.

Monday 25 January 2010


Nathan Ong from CANiBEAT sent me some stickers. Thanks man!

CANiBEAT is part of the Stanceworks network, and features some seriously nice photos, like the ones below. If you're not already a reader, its definitely worth checking out.

I know a lot of you guys have been using the site search to find Okishima stickers, and this page will most likely show up when you do! We've been really busy, but we are working on getting some new stickers out. As soon as they're ready, we'll post an update on the blog with details on how to get some.

Sunday 24 January 2010

E36 Wagon

Its rare to see 3-Series Touring done THIS well in the UK.

2.8 Engine Swap x GAZ Coilovers x BBS 5s

Job done.

Thanks to Colin Warren for the photos.

Saturday 23 January 2010

Perforated eardrums

I'm swapping my drainpipe for an RS*R Invidia, so I got Ali to remove my old system so I can make the swap on Tuesday.

The car was practically undriveable with an open downpipe. The whole car violently reverberated at 3K RPM (the exact rev range I needed to cruise around Milton Keynes), and it felt like someone was letting a shotgun off in the car every time it popped or banged.

I made a quick video. I'll try and get a drive by shot before putting the new exhaust on.

Friday 22 January 2010


No words needed.

Except those I just wrote.

Bugger, and those. And these.

wow.... this is old!

Found this old vid of 2004 UKD1, back when a complete drift virgin could enter D1 (and win!). Hadn't really realised how much of life I'd wasted on crap old nissans but the maths don't lie!

keep your ears open at 5:33 and you can almost hear my bottom end die. Yay.

Thursday 21 January 2010

Dragging Datsun

Just spotted this on Mark Arcenals' Fatlace Blog.

Two things I love. The dumped Datsun 411SSS Wagon getting the air treatment and dogs sneaking into project pictures. Good work, I'll be following this one closely!

Coming soon...

I hate 'teased' or watermarked pics but i've kinda got to until the mag issue comes out, but i just had to show you the ex-Trial Evo now residing in Norway. Takes a fairly mental man to take apart one of the best Time Attack machines from Japan and re-build it completely. Full feature on Okishima Program coming soon!

Sunday 17 January 2010

Friday 15 January 2010


Dennis does some seriously nice drawings. I'm definitely going to commission him to do mine when its finished. He also drives a cool Z. Check out his blog.

Tuesday 12 January 2010

Old skool cool?

Ross @ Dragon Performance sent me over this link, M's Factory still selling the MEGA wide-arch kit for the R32 GT-R.

Don't know what you guys think but i reckon done right it's still a badass-looking kit, especially in an era of flush wheels and minimal bodystyling. I remember seeing the M's Factory Skyline back in 1999 on an old Max Power DVD, genuine street-driven, 9-second 800bhp beast. Love it.

Front looks killer, rear could do with a more modernised wing and mental diffusor IMO, plus the Advans need to go for either super concave volks or dish + beefy R888 tyres.

Skyline flames you say...

Garage Saurus R32 Quail posted is absolutely mint - if i can get mine 10% to the level of that i'll be happy. I'll start off with an obligatory flame shot...

Actually stuff it, shameless R32 inspiration post GO!

Serious Skyline.

Just stumbled across this photo. Nicest R32 I've seen in a while. The flame action will appeal to Mark.

Tuesday 5 January 2010

Mental age... around 12

I need to disconnect this very soon, oops.

Monday 4 January 2010

When lord, when?!

My MOT ran out a few weeks back, seemed like an ideal chance to get some of the shite I've had hanging around fitted. Apologies for shaky phone pics, it was REALLY cold!

Should be quite a difference, theres just as much stuff to go on the front too but I dunno whether to keep it simple until its mot'd? decisions decisions.... either way, when its all fitted its skid time!

Saturday 2 January 2010

Last drive of the year

I'm back down in Portsmouth again so locked up my S14 for the winter. The car doesn't sound this bad in real life (although it does sound pretty bad). For some reason the compression has killed the sound quality.

The people who live above my garage really love me.