Monday 1 December 2008

Pics of whip number 2 ..........

A couple of quick ones I took on my phone after getting it back from being overfendered.

There will be some wheel whorage going on next week as Ive got a nice little collection up now.

Its also due VEMS, a built forged bottom end, ported and matched head and probs some front fenders soon too.


Alistair said...

Are those my old wheels on the rear? 10x18 gewalt split rims?
Big up the white s13 massive!!

docwra said...

If you dropped them off at Garagemac for me then yes they are - small world eh :D

What are the offsets on them coz I cant find the original for sale ad and theres nothing on the back of them :D

White S13's = way forward, clearly.

Alistair said...

Yep thats them, they are something like et30,
i know they needed a 20mm flare to go on the back of my s13