Wednesday 8 April 2009


I'm torn.

From the back, I love my car on the Work wheels.

From the front, I hate it.

I am swapping the set I have for a set in 18x9 +6 and 18x10.5 +5 with more dish than mine. I will see if I prefer them.

Maybe things will change once I have overfenders, I can lower my car alot more then and see if they look better.

For now, I'm taking them off, just not feeling them.

If anyone has 17x9 Eurolines/Viennas or similar they would like to swap for 18x9 please let me know. I want stagger.


Quail said...

You definitely need that 17/18 stagger man. Its the 18s on the front that are making the stance look weak :(

Alistair said...

I agree with Quail, 13s need 17s max on the front