Thursday 21 May 2009

Slowly getting there

Amazing what a few lumps of metal can do.
Managed to sort out some spacers for my fitment, and post the washout that was Japfest, gave her another wash and headed out with the 20D.

Pretty stoked with what came out. Especially at the hands of such a 'tard.

Next step: Height and refurb.


Jord said...

Sweet! Shame your crap at resizing photos haha!

Quail said...

Fixed those pics for you Si (upload straight off the PC to avoid them being huge).

The car does look great now those wheels are spaced

3L said...

where the fuck did he run into those G7s!!

with the right offset its sickest wheel ever...

docwra said...

Spacers I think, but that car is looking better than ever.