Wednesday 1 July 2009

New guy

Just thought I'd make a quick post to say hello!

I own an UK 200sx S13 and have had it since early '04. I bought it pretty much standard bar alloys and exhaust. Over the years I've collected various parts and recently it all started coming together.

Some crappy phone pics below, I'll try to get a spec and decent photos asap. The rear offset is being sorted before anyone says haha

Near future plans include fitting a TD06 20g and getting some decent power ;)


Quail said...

Cars looking great mate, really coming together now. That deep red looks so good.

3L said...

dope car guy... slam it and lose the fenders, shit will be fire.

Jord said...


Whats the colour?

Don't say 'red'.

docwra said...

What are the overfenders/wheel arch extensions? They look like part of the wings - c'est coolness.

Oh and welcome too :D

aaaaa said...

Cheers for the comments!

The fenders flares are bolt on jobbies I got from a company in Canada. Not sure if they are a copy of existing ones or their own.

I was going to keep the rivets exposed but because of the modifying the bodyshop had to do we went smoothed. I love the look now so it's all good!

Colour wise it should be factory red as that's what I wanted to keep, it has some flake in it but its quite subtle.

The front coils are actually maxed out! With out losing the locking collars it won't go anymore! I won't lower it any more until I get the exhaust sorted it's dragging along the speed bumps at my work already... bloody things

3L said...

No excuse. Fuck the exhaust... u drift right? ur shits not gonna stay mint for long.

Metal zipties... wrap em around the resonator and the rear sway. Use a hand jack to prop up the exhaust as high as possible. Pull tight! lower jack. Lower car. done!!! :D

aaaaa said...

Yer it is a bit of a weak excuse I know! I'll be doing something about it when I put the new turbo set up in.

I haven't taken the car to a drift event for a long time (was off the road for ages). I'd like to get back into it again soon though!

sam said...

Welcome dude! Looking well

3L said...


BillyFIVE said...

those arches look right good! love the whole curvyness of the car. good work sir.