Tuesday 4 August 2009

forwards momentum

Well after deciding to buy a house and putting the engine up for sale in an attempt to gather some funds i decided to spend some time on the car this evening.

What resulted was an S13 with a V8 sat in the engine bay!! Looks awesome sat there and proves my mounts work which is a relief. Just sourcing some collectors and bends to make the manifolds - need to decide on twin side exits (will it pass an mot with an exhaust exiting on the passenger side?) or two into one and use my 3inch system.

Want to keep it now which may be possible with a deal ont he horizon which will get my deposit paid and my debt cleared!


Petrolhead said...

whos is the figaro in the back.

My misses favourite car

Ben said...

my dads other half lol my dad said itsa the worst car he's ever driven - wallows around like a boat going down a straight road!