Friday 25 September 2009

Kouki Carpark shots

Took the 14 for a late night spin and grabbed the D40. The pics aren't spectacular by any means, but they'll do for now.


Super Terrific said...

Nice. I seen your car around other blogs before. Finally see your blog. Your crew has nice cars man. Keep it up. SSR Professors = Win! No way the guys your cousin?! Small world.

Quail said...

Thanks man, my cars wearing Meisters (unless you're talking about Jord's Profs at the bottom of the page)

Yea Jason's Z is crazy. I hadn't noticed the side-exit exhaust before I saw it in your photos!

Super Terrific said...

Sorry I got confused between both. Yea I don't think I looked close enough. But I love both rims. Work never does wrong.

His car is crazy. When he rolled in everyone just stopped. Was like slow motion when a girl with a nice shape passes by. He is killin it.

Anonymous said...