Monday 30 November 2009

Sensible Hat

Picked up some SENSIBLE size wheels for the front yesterday.

SSR Professor 17x9 +19.
Should sit well with the 25mm spacers.
Just have to decide if I should paint the centres of these black or the 18s silver? I'm feeling silver.....

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Matt said...


my vote is stay silver, black centres have no reason to exist post 2005.

Polish them and you'll be my hero.

Jord said...

I wonder if I can polish them? The lips on Profs are actually chrome plated not polished so wonder how it'd look. Unless I polished the lot?

Quail said...

Definitely silver!

docwra said...

Black is bad mmmkay.
Id certainly consider a polished lip - they would look a bit like the fronts currently on the Onevia (cept weaker :p)

Jord said...

All white, inc lip.


All black, inc lip.


Quail said...

Depends what colour your cars going to be?

Jord said...

Red with a gold pearl to it. My cage is white and my other wheels are white but I really wanna do some all gloss black wheels.

Alistair said...

I d be very interested in seeing all white????