Sunday 28 March 2010

sabatical over! its time to get the 13 on the road......

Well after foolishly deciding to buy a house i havent had time to do much on the 13 lately, however last week the car was transported to mine on a low loader and work can begin again.

First off was fitting the aston martin brakes and some cheap coilovers a mate had lying around. the calipers are db9 rears and theyre mercedes 330mm discs!

Sadly whilst playing with the front fitment it turned out one of the front coilovers ride height adjustment has siezed! no amount of love taps from a universal tool (read BIG hammer) freed it so playtime ended. Just a couple of degrees neg camber to remove and then ill be happy - the wing is only plonked on in the pic making it look a bit off at the bottom.

I've also gotten rid of the wide wings front and rear - much prefer the look of std wings and subtle aero. and i can make my sparcos work well on std wings lol

Apologies for the phone pics - ive lost my camera in the house move

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Quail said...

Glad this is moving along again mate!