Tuesday 22 June 2010

Okishima immortalised...

...until it gets a bit rubbery at least. Took a little 1700 mile to the Nurburgring last week in the M3, thought it'd be rude not to do a little Okishima repping. So the car got it with an OG sticker:

Then the track had it's turn too while we took a little late evening wander:

Located just after Wehrseifen at Breidscheid if anyone's planing a trip. I'd have left the URL if I hadn't run out of paint (BMW Alpineweiss of course)

And it would be pretty lame not to finish with an action shot

1 comment:

Quail said...

Sam, you've literally just made my day! Shame you hadn't got there earlier, we might've seen the grafitti in the new Gran Turismo game (apparently every piece bar profanities has been put in the game!).

The E36 looks great btw. Hope you haven't forgotten about the S-body :D