Friday 3 April 2009


Happy. Thats with 3mm front and 5mm rear spacers. Needs smaller tyres - 225 front and 35 profile maybe?



Anonymous said...

Man Alive!!!! That is EPIC.

Quick question I am gonna try and make my rears flush, thing is the rear overfenders have a inner lip about 10mil, so I sand this down? or leave it?

Jord said...

What have you don't with the arch under the overfenders? To run flush and low you'll have to cut the original arch out the way otherwise it'll hit tyre.

But yeah, sand down the lip to like 2-3mm or something I guess.

Jord said...

I meant to write - 'what have you done' not 'what have you don't'. dUH.

Anonymous said...

The original arch has been cut away, no rubbing! Ill get sanding down then and Ill post some pictures.

Thanks mate, looking fresh!