Saturday 11 April 2009

MOT soon

Wish me luck! Alistair just did my turbo gaskets. We fitted a janky-old tubular manifold at the same time. Also fitted a decat silencer, and I heatwrapped the whole lot (including the donwpipe). Car sounds pretty nice now. He also fitted my HKS Hipermax Pro coilovers. The car is transformed. So basically, I'm happy. I just hope the MOT man is next week. Everyone book your cars in to Unit18 Automotive, Alistair is a quality mechanic!

I also removed my grill and plate. Looks better without the plate, but not sold on the grill. Will need to take more pics and decide. Opinions more than welcome!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

looks good without the plate, but i'd suggest you to get a jdm grill. my buddies kouki was grilles for 6 months and it looked way better when he put his grill back in.