Sunday 26 April 2009

Turbo aids... car haz it. Well, had. New T28 back on finally, after much jiggery-pokery thanks to the old turbo I had turned out to actually be a T25G, duh. New FMIC and split elbow too thanks to Kev of Scottish SXOC fame once again!

Few more bits and bobs still to do for a trackday in a few weeks at Crail, not least sort the turbo water feeds... appears we cracked one fitting it, baws. Also finally some mild arch-smashing to come soon seeing as my tyres finally arrived!

Some hardparking in the meantime...all business up front

...but all, eh, shite in the rear



Quail said...

Check out hose solutions for a braided water hose man, its impossible to get the rigid ones back on!

sam said...

Cheers amigo, my return has already been chopped and bodged back in the day, so it shall receive an even more thorough bodging this time! Have more fuel hose and bits of 3 different standard feeds, its like a 3d jigsaw. But wetter.

Gabriel M said...

This iis a great post thanks