Wednesday 24 June 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Day was moved in 2009 to 23rd June. Well, it was in my world anyway as it was the day when I FINALLY, after 8 months or so of waiting, got to collect my stuff from Japan.

Bright and breezy I jumped in the car and made the 45 minute journey down the A1 from Peterborough to St Neots to pick up the hire van. I then started the LONG and BORING journey down the A1, M25 and the seemingly endless trip across the country on the M4 to Ninja Tune Factory in Newport, South Wales - where my stuff was being stored.

Three and something hours later I arrive in Newport at NTF's new workshop to be greeted by Lionel, owner of NTF and Julian from Severnside/Driving Sports Pro.

Lionel was in the process of tweaking the tuned SR for this weekend's EDC round at Brands Hatch.

Julian is also sponsored by Origin so the car wears full Origin Agressive aero and Type-II fenders all round. It also rocks a carbon D-Max bonnet, B's Factory spoiler, RYO exhaust and Work XD9s. No fake parts here.

Interior is function-based. A pair of red Bride recliners occupy the BRIGHT red cabin - Kawabata from Driving Sports Japan mixes the colour himself and keeps the ingredients top secret!

The engine is a stroked 2.1 SR fully built with a Neprec head and TD06-25g turbo. It was originally built for drag running 650bhp but has been de-tuned for drift to just 500bhp. Is that all?!

You may notice the drawing on the dash of the gear layout. Naturally this sort of power would make cheese of a standard SR gearbox so this car runs a Trust/Greddy dogbox. £5k + VAT to you or I.

The PS13 wasn't the only nice metal at NTF - this AE86 runs a high compression turbo'd 4AG. You may recognise this car from AE86 battle in the Touge Heroes' DVD.

Dan Joyce from Dirty Sanchez' Datsun pick-up was also at NTF getting an engine transplant - look forward to seeing this done!

So after nosing around and chatting for a while I loaded the van up with my stuff and set off home.

Just a few pictures of my stuff - two Origin Stylish front bumpers, just incase I break one.

Origin Type-II +50mm fenders, same as Julian's car.

Origin DNA02 wheels - 17x9.5+15. I've decided to order some 18"s of the same size to run a 17/18 stagger.

So this is how my spare room looks now - much to the disapproval of Naomi, my understanding better half! My full order included -

  • Origin Stylish full aero
  • Origin Stylish front bumper spare
  • Origin Type-I front fenders
  • Origin Type-II rear fenders
  • Origin window spoiler
  • Supermade boot lip spoiler
  • 8 x 17x9.5+15 Origin DNA02 wheels in white
  • Work Rezax as pictured below

These were a nice suprise from the shipment. I bought them unseen from Yahoo Auctions Japan and when they arrived they turned out to be near MINT, plus they had decent tread on the tyres!

Thats a 245 on the right on the 350Z! On the left is one of the 18x12.5J rear wheels with a 275 streeeetched on!

These are for sale for SERIOUS interested parties. No low-ball offers. The specs are -

18x11J+13 - 255's front

18x12.5J+19 - 275's rear

E-Mail me for more details.

BIG thankyou to Origin Japan for their help and SKAY Japan for sorting out the shipping for me and their continued support. Thank you to Julian at Severnside for shipping and Lionel at NTF for storage too!

I can crack on with fitting my parts now - stay tuned!

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