Sunday 14 June 2009

Container from Japan

It has finally arrived. 8 months late, but its here. I have on board -

1 x Full Origin Stylish kit
1 x pair Origin Type I front fenders
1 x pair Origin Type II rear fenders
1 x Origin window spoiler
1 x spare Origin Stylish front bumper
8 x Origin DNA02 wheels, white 17x9.5+15
4 x Work Rezax 18x11/18x12.5 wheels

and I have a Supermade rear boot spoiler sat at the local Parcel Force depot too.

I'm going to order 4 more DNA02 wheels but in 18x9.5+12 so I can run a 17/18 stagger, then I'll sell on 4 of the 17s.

Picture as soon as I collect the stuff from Ninja Tune Factory in Bristol.


BillyFIVE said...


docwra said...

Fuck. Im jealous. I only have a full Chargespeed 350Z (with Carbon Diffuser) and a set of 10x18 Work Equips myself ;)

Jord said...

Id do a Rezax/Equips swap!

sam said...

I'd do a Rezax/left testicle swap!