Wednesday 28 October 2009

Bang and the engines gone

Ok i think ive just about had enough now, engine went pop weekend before last, my fault entirely, i missed a gear out on track 4th to 3rd at 130ish mph, smoke everywhere, i think its melted the rings amongst other things (i ve not pulled it apart yet), bottom end seems ok though, no knocking, but lots of piston slap.....Do i re build again or turn gay and stick an sr or ls1 in it?


Quail said...

ARGH I'm absolutely gutted for you mate :(. At least it died getting driven hard instead of someone crashing into you or something.
Definitely LS1. It'll cost more, and be harder, but it'll be infinitely more badass (read: noisy), and your car definitely deserves 8 cylinders.

docwra said...

Much as I love to fly the CA flag, with the amount of pain and money Ive just had trying to get a mere 380hp engine working in my s13, Id never do it again.

Go V8 and get all the girls.

Alistair said...

Doc, you ve hit it on the head, i am a big ca fan, there is nothing wrong with them, they are good, but...... i ve re built it 3 times now and spent a fortune, i spent a grand alone on an os giken flywheel and twin plate clutch, just want something i can fit and forget (i still reserve the right to slag off apex for building 28million v8 200s) ; )

docwra said...

Id give Bren a shout mate - he is developing plug and play V8 kits for the S14, and may be interested in an S13 showcar as well - yours wouldnt be a bad candidate now, would it ;)

I could have bought an RB25'd S13 for what Ive spent on mine just getting the engine and management in and working :(

Matt said...

bah, rubbish dude:(

forget rape-money LS1's, an iron block chevy weighs feck all more than an LS and has more man points, or just get a 400quid SR and never ever have engine blow ups again?