Saturday 30 January 2010

536whp pull, only up to 6000rpm

Just a quick video for anyone interested, i took the R32 over to Thor Racing in Cambridge yesterday to get it on the dyno. Being a pretty new import and knowing naff all about the car, always wise to get it checked out.

Good and bad news awaited, bad news is my second Bosch 044 pump is seized, and past 5500rpm the car is MASSIVELY fuel starved, so we couldn't dyno the car to 7800rpm as intended, just 6000rpm (dangerous lean even at that).

Good news is it still managed 536whp, not sure what that works out with 4wd transmission losses but it's all about wheel horsepower anyways! Hopefully with a new pump, new ecu (it's still on the stock ECU!) and 7800rpm it should be good for 650+whp... fingers crossed.


Quail said...

Wait... STOCK ECU?!

Alistair said...

Nothing wrong with the stock ecu, its obviously been mapped or it would ve exploded yonks ago, there are plenty of people in the uk that can map it at that sort of power level with nistune

Ben Comana said...

Compliments on the SpeedHunters Blog!

Quail said...

Thanks Ben