Tuesday 12 January 2010

Old skool cool?

Ross @ Dragon Performance sent me over this link, M's Factory still selling the MEGA wide-arch kit for the R32 GT-R.


Don't know what you guys think but i reckon done right it's still a badass-looking kit, especially in an era of flush wheels and minimal bodystyling. I remember seeing the M's Factory Skyline back in 1999 on an old Max Power DVD, genuine street-driven, 9-second 800bhp beast. Love it.

Front looks killer, rear could do with a more modernised wing and mental diffusor IMO, plus the Advans need to go for either super concave volks or dish + beefy R888 tyres.


Quail said...

Thinking of the kit for yours mate? Needs a ridiculous wing, stupid diffuser, and centerlocking wheels (Ryans old ones would of been cool). Looks pretty undriveable on our roads though!

docwra said...

Do not want. The R32 is a sweet looking car - that one isnt though.
Maybe with decent wheels and a slightly altered ride height it might work but Im not feeling it at all.

Quail said...

The Garage Saurus car does look nicer if you wanted to go more aggressive. I think, done right, the M's kit could be pretty crazy, but done wrong, it'll look absolutely terrible.

Ruiz said...

MAX Power magazine!
I used to read that all the time back in the day. I don't think I get it over here anymore though.

Lots of sweet 'chavs' in there.

Quail said...

Haha, Americans know what Chav means now!?

Alistair said...

I have to say the m's kit looks like aids

Mark said...

Well for a piece of history I own this car and its different in the flesh than in photos.

Pictures dont tend to make the lines.